Another make day started early with cream cheese.  Because it takes 16-24 hours to set the curd, it made sense to start with cream cheese and then set it aside to set.  The second cheese was Gruyere.  I started with 2 gallons of goat milk and added a gallon of whole milk from the store.

Follow the story of each on the following pages: Cream Cheese, Gruyere.

Gruyere Update: I sealed the smaller block of Gruyere in seal-a-meal plastic June 20th.  It looks a little dry.

July 11, 2015 Update: Sealed larger block in wax it has been in the cheese frig and it  is a little squishy and seems like it is coming along nicely, but I think it is ready for wax.

Gruyere Sealed in Plastic
Gruyere Sealed in Plastic

May 4, 2020 Update: Some how this wheel made it 5 years without being eaten.  We grated it and put it into fondue with some smoked Gouda, white wine and garlic. It was quite sharp but delicious just the same.