It is this time of year that we reflect on the year and count our blessings. This year I am happy to report that cheddar is close to the top of my list. This year has produced some of my best cheddars! I continue to refine my process and with the addition of a Hanna Industries Cheese PH meter, I finally feel like I am in control. This week’s cheddar just seemed to come together all the way around. I was worried about a bit of butter fat that was stuck to all of the equipment but in the end it seems fine. Of course we won’t know for at least 60 days, but hoping it is worth the wait!

So as we head into the holidays, keep making cheese and be thankful that we have cheesemaking to keep us sane. Thanks for reading and I look forward to 2021!

Cheddar from the November 29th, 2020 make day.