As I look at my last posting, I realize that it has been sometime since I last posted.  Luckily, I have been making cheese, just not talking about it.  I have also been eating some, I took a class and have been watching my Frig carefully.

My plan is to begin to add in the entries for cheese I have made since October. So, if you have been following my progress you should check back soon to see all of those entries.  I am also going to post some updates on cheese that I have finally eaten.

Let’s start with what I cut into today. I had the Gruyere from June 5th of last year. It had



been developing a little blue mold in the sealed bag, not a lot so I wasn’t worried. After cleaning it up, I cut a few pieces to try.  It was a bit dry like parmesan and tasted kinda like that too.  The outside edge also has a little bit of a blue taste.  Anyway, I like the way it tastes and the way it is aging, so I put it back into the same seal-a-meal back and sealed it up again.

The other thing I opened was the Jarlsberg Remake from October 9th, 2015.  This was a 7

4 month Jarlsberg

4 month Jarlsberg

gallon batch of Jarlsberg, two – 3.5 gallon batches combined into three wheels.  I believe that the wheels turned out to be 3.5 lbs., 2.5 lbs. and 1 pound wheel.  The smaller one is what I cut open as it was in a seal-a-meal bag and easiest to get open.  This wheel has always had a nice springy feel to it.  Once I opened it I noticed it was a little damp and that moisture has keep the cheese soft and creamy.  It’s consistency was nice in your mouth without an overpowering flavor. It has only been aging for 4 months and that’s the way it tasted. As I remember back to the the first Jarlsberg I made, it wasn’t impressive at 4 months either, but at 7 or 8 months we couldn’t stop eating it.  So hopes are high!

So it is 2016, let’s make some cheese.


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