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Spressa – 90 days Without Supervision

This is what happens if you ignore a cheese.
This is what happens if you ignore a cheese.

In July I was making a lot of cheese and quite busy as well, so when a wheel starting to get out of control I decided to let it go.   Another cheese maker recently told me that they were letting a lot of their cheese go natural for the aging process and cleaning it up when it was time to eat it. So this was my chance to take a chance. The recipe calls for several months of aging up to a year. So today I pulled the wheel out after 90 days of aging and cleaned it up a little bit and wanted to share a picture.  I’m going to let it go for a while longer and then we will try it. I’ll let you know how it tastes.

July 5th, More Swiss and Spressa

I started the weekend with 10 gallons of milk, yesterday I made a small batch of Swiss. Today, I  used the rest to make even more Swiss and something new called Spessa.

Spressa is an Italian cheese that dates back to 1249 AD. It is fairly simple as its ingredients are milk, culture and rennet. Spressa can be made with Thermophic culture,  3% yogurt or even day old whey.

The basics of the recipe are  heat the milk to 70, add culture, continue heat to 95. At 95 add rennet.  Wait for clean break and Quickly cut curd to rice size pieces.  Quickly stir curds and heat slowly to 108 (3 minutes per degree). Let the curds fully ripen, that is they will shrink try to stick together. Press for 12 hours. Brine in 20% solution. Age for a 2-12 months wipe with brine as needed.


Aging of Swiss:

  • cold age July 5 – july 20
  • warm age July 20 –