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New Dairy – R Patch of Heaven – More Great Cheese

Cheddar Curds Pressing
Cheddar Curds Pressing

There are people who will tell you that cheese can be made from any milk; Goat, Sheep, Cow, Grocery, Pasteurized, Organic or Raw. This is correct, however the milk I have been having great success lately is fresh, raw cow’s milk.  Today’s milk came from a great dairy just outside Eaton, CO. R Patch of Heaven is a organic raw milk dairy where you can get great milk for cheese. John and Joy, from R Patch of Heaven have been dairy farmers for most of their lives and know what good milk is all about. I made Cheddar curds in two batches, one with a little Annatto and one without. It made for some pretty cool looking cheese. Best of all it tasted great.  So if you need milk for every day or for a project, give Patch of Heaven a call.

Epic Cheese Weekend – October 2, 2016

Fresh Burrata cheese
Fresh Burrata cheese

This weekend, I made two new cheese and one old favorite. New for the year were Romano and Burrata. I also stayed up late to make Cheddar after the Bronco game. For those who have followed the Cheddar recipe before, you know that particular recipe takes 8 hours.

Wheel of Romano drying.

I have also decided that I should redesign the blog and put Recipes and Makes directions in a separate area and save the homepage for shorter posts pointing to the current recipe. I’m hoping this will make posting easier for me. It should also make things easy to find. The homepage is sort of a mess at this point.

July 5th, More Swiss and Spressa

I started the weekend with 10 gallons of milk, yesterday I made a small batch of Swiss. Today, I  used the rest to make even more Swiss and something new called Spessa.

Spressa is an Italian cheese that dates back to 1249 AD. It is fairly simple as its ingredients are milk, culture and rennet. Spressa can be made with Thermophic culture,  3% yogurt or even day old whey.

The basics of the recipe are  heat the milk to 70, add culture, continue heat to 95. At 95 add rennet.  Wait for clean break and Quickly cut curd to rice size pieces.  Quickly stir curds and heat slowly to 108 (3 minutes per degree). Let the curds fully ripen, that is they will shrink try to stick together. Press for 12 hours. Brine in 20% solution. Age for a 2-12 months wipe with brine as needed.


Aging of Swiss:

  • cold age July 5 – july 20
  • warm age July 20 –