The Magic of Cheese

Updated: Oct 2016

Time for Cheese
Time for Cheese

I pulled off a magic trick December 2014, I took a liquid and turned it into a a solid. Ya, Ya any numb nuts with a freezer can make solids from liquids, or so I have heard.  Anyway, I was so amazed by my own trick, I felt I must try it again, and again. This has lead me on a cheese making journey that has fascinated friends and myself. Who knew you could make cheese at home? Even more than that who knew you could make great tasting cheese.

So you have have arrived at Ripley’s brain dump on cheese. I realized that I have made more cheese than I ever thought I would and was having a hard time tracking them.  So I decided I needed to list them somewhere with dates, so that I know when to eat them., but more than that,  I need to remember everything about each make session so that if I get it right I can make it again.

So during this journey I have discovered many things about cheese and I have decided to share them. This is actually a more difficult task than you might think.  I have seen several blogs out on the internet that seem to be abandoned.  So, I am trying my best to continue to write in my blog and make it meaningful. So if I have gotten something wrong, or there is something you want me to try, let me know.

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