For those of us who have been making cheese for awhile, we are all aware and probably subscribed to the New England Cheese making Newsletter. At the first of every month I look forward to the new concoction Jim at New England has come up with. The April newsletter held the promise of Mustard Ale Cheese. Today I made that cheese.

Mustard Seed Beer Cheese

I have the advantage of living where I can get great craft beer, Greeley is the home for WeldWerks. WeldWerks is top 10 in the US for their beer and I chose the West Coast IPA as the beer for our cheese today.

I was reviewing this recipe in a dark room, reading on my phone waiting for Spin class to start. The recipe looked like it called for 5lbs of mustard seed, but it actually called for 5tsp of seeds. My wife thought this was rather funny until she went to buy the seeds. Although mustard seeds are cheap, 5 pounds wouldn’t be. At least she confirmed before she bought the seeds.

We won’t know for many months how it all turned out. I thought I would share my experience making this cheese. Look for more as we get this cheese into the Frig.

The recipe for Mustard Ale Cheese comes from