On Sunday, May 24, I started a wheel of Stilton. I haven’t made many blues cheeses so I don’t have much experience to draw on. I was following the recipe from Cheesemaking.com and it was a ton of steps. It was past midnight before I went to bed, good thing it was a holiday!

Anyway, This post is to track the dates for aging and piercing of the wheels. They look great so far, so I will add a picture soon.

June 28th we need to pierce it.

Stilton in the Frig
Stilton at 6 weeks
Stilton at 8 weeks.

Last week I cut into the smaller wheel. It was earthy and a little weird, but everyone who tried it liked it.

August 23rd or so it will be ready to eat.

The finished Stilton

By the end of August I was ready to try the Stilton. It wasn’t as creamy as I hoped but it had a great taste. I hope to remake it soon.