The Cheese making community is always so giving and willing to help new cheese makers. This recipe comes from Kent Walker in Arkansas. He sent me the details and I constructed the steps in the recipe. It has been sometime since I have make this cheese and I feel like I have gotten much better at reading the curds, so I am hopeful the cheese turns out better than the previous tries.

Started June 7th, 2020 with 2 gallons of raw milk from “Living the Cream” dairy outside of Gill, Colorado. The wheel dried at room temperature for a few days and it went into the frig in Tupperware for 2 weeks. The nature rind after a couple weeks was perfect. Vacuum sealing June 20,2020.

Could be ready for tasting as early as August 8th.

I cracked it open on the 1st and it was wonderful. It was fairly garlicky, but not over powering, a keeper for sure.

As time marches on I have sealed and unsealed this wheel and I am continuing to enjoy it. Its probably time to make again so I have some for the holidays.