Saturday September 14th – My daughter and her friends showed up in my kitchen early that morning to help cut cheese for the wedding. After making cheese for 6 months, I had 150lbs. of cheese of all kinds stashed in the refrigerator. By the time the wedding came around I had 19 different cheeses aging and waiting for the big day.

The Asiago Pepato was amazing and the Swiss was to die for. I had large wheels(7-9 lbs.) of Cheddar, Gouda, and Jack. The one that was over the top was the smoked Gouda, just a 2 lb wheel, but it was amazing. The day spent prepping was well worth the time and meant we had little prep to do on the day of the wedding. The fun part about having so much cheese is that I had extra wheels that we were not going to cut. In fact we had so much extra cheese that we constructed a Cheese Wheel Cake that could be the centerpiece for the cheese table. The happy couple was opting for a cheese fountain instead of a traditional cake, so the cheese wheel cake was perfect.

Sunday September 15th – Wedding day, father of the bride jitters. What am I forgetting? We have loaded the cheese into ice chests for the journey to the venue and were double checking the list to make sure everything was ready. One of the bridesmaids mentioned that her mother had a wonderful flower garden and did we need any flowers for the cheese cake. This was such a blessing along with the talented staff at the venue we were able to create a masterpiece of cheese.

When the last cracker had been consumed and all of the decorations taken down, I started to assess how much of the cheese was gone. We had gallon sized zip-locks half filled with almost every cheese. Only about 60 lbs had been eaten between the 90 guests. It really meant that everyone ate a half pound of cheese a piece. I hope no one had digestive issues that next week. I was a spectacular party and I was pleased to have been a small part of it.