A little house made of cheese sounds like a mouse’s dream, well I dream of Cottage Cheese and now I can stop dreaming and just eat. I finally found a recipe worth making. It isn’t hard to find a cottage cheese recipe. YouTube has tons of videos to ruin milk. Pour vinegar into milk and scoop out the curds. Well, that is just gross! It also doesn’t make good cheese.

The recipe presented here isn’t too much more difficult. This recipe does a follow a few more steps. You need some culture and some rennet, but this will make GREAT Cottage Cheese!

I have to thank Kate at the Art of Cheese and her wonderful classes for this recipe. If you haven’t had a class, you owe it to yourself to get to Longmont and take one soon.

Pictured below is the curds from a three gallon batch, enough for you and a herd of your friends.

The finished cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese Recipe