This recipe is for 7 gallons of milk. I made 2 pots of 3.5 gallons  each and combined the curds during the final steps.

2×3.25 gallons whole milk
2×1/4 tsp TA061 Thermophilic culture
2×1/8 tsp Alp-D
2×1/2 tsp Propionic Shermanii
2×3/4 tsp Rennet


  • Heat milk to 90°
  • Mix cultures into a half cup of milk and stir well
  • When milk is at 90° add culture milk and stir in an up and down motion for 2 mins.
  • let stand at 90° for 20 mins (I modified original recipe that called for 10 mins but twice the Propionic Shermanii)
  • Add 3/4 tsp to 1/2 cup of distilled water, mix in an up and down motion
  • The milk rest at 90° for 40 mins. I waited two additional 8 min periods for the complete set of the milk (total time 56 mins.)
  • Cut to 1/4 in pieces, let rest for 5 mins
  • Begin to stir with a balloon whisk or similar whisk for 40 mins.
  • Important that you use the whisk to break down the cur to uniform size.
  • Begin to heat milk to 120° over the next 35+ mins to continue to break down curd
  • Once at 120°, hold for 30 minutes more. When curd is ready you can ball it in your hand and it will stay together when squeezed.
  • Pour off some whey and then scoop curd into a cheesecloth lined mold
  • Press with 10lbs. for 15 mins and flip stay with light weight for 15 mins more
  • Press with 20 lbs. for an hour, flip
  • Press with 35 lbs. for 1-2 hours and continue flipping as needed to seal the curd
  • Continue pressing over night at least 12 hours total. If the curd is well sealed after 8 or more hours you can flip and back off the weight to finish getting the shape you want.
  • Brine for 12 hours
  • Let dry a day or two
  • Age @ 45° 1-2 weeks washing daily
  • Age @ 65°-80° for  4 weeks, wash daily with brine
  • Age @ 45° 4-12 months