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May 26 – Feta Mistake

may10I made Feta back on May 10th when I made Cheddar  and Ibores.  It was looking good  as I brined it for 8 hours in a heavy brine. When I took the Feta out it was nicely salty and crumbly in a good way. The Feta was to age in a less salty brine but I didn’t have time to make it up so I poured off half the brine and mixed in fresh water.  This was my mistake! As I look at the Feta today, it is in a creamy bath of thick milk.  It appears that the water pulled apart the cheese.  I’m not sure what to do next…

IBORES – Goat Cheese, Cheddar and Feta – May 10, 2015

iboresThis week I got my hands on a couple gallons of goat’s milk and decided to try making Ibores (eye-bor-rez)from Spain it is a recipe on I was happy with the way it developed and formed in the mould.

On this cheese day I also made Feta and Cheddar.  Rule of Thumb:  Don’t try to make 3 cheeses in the same day. I want to create a page for both Feta and Cheddar to keep tabs on all happenings for those cheeses.

Update: May 26 – Some mold was growing on the underside. Wiped it off with olive oil.  It is looking a little dry, so I increased the moisture in the cheese frig.  Also thinking about plastic sealing it.

Update: July 26 – Enough time had passed, probably too much and it was time to try the cheese. I was afraid that it was going to be dry and it was. I was afraid that the molds that I

Time for Cheese
Time for Cheese

had cleaned off so many times were going to change the rind flavor and it did. Overall, the cheese is acceptable. It has a good flavor and a unique look. I would make the recipe again however, I would put on more olive oil to keep the molds down and either seal in wax or plastic after 30-60 days to keep it from drying out.